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Gain a competitive advantage and increase your international sales. If your customers are looking for financing solutions Elevate Export Finance can provide Buyer Financing and take the risk of non-payment for you. With their industry leading service, they provide conditional offers within 24 hours. 

Elevate Export Finance is a trusted partner and service delivery channel for Export Development Canada (EDC) and leading financial institutions to provide structured trade finance solutions to customers of Canadian small and medium-size businesses.

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  • Foreign Buyer Financing

  • Loans with 2 to 5 Year Terms

  • Up to $10,000,000 USD

  • Competitive Rates 

  • Canadian Exporters get paid immediately or according to your contracts terms

Why Buyer Financing?

  • Incorporating a financing solution in your sales pitch will give you a competitive advantage in your sales pitch, helping you stand out from your competitors

  • Allows for customers to make purchases (or increase current purchase) they may not have been able to without financing. 

  • Grow your international sales in new markets without the added risk.


In addition to providing foreign buyer financing, Elevate Export Finance can also support you by providing working capital, foreign exchange solutions and advisory services to support your sales strategies, help buyers get the equipment they need, facilitate trade, and improve bottom line results. 

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